Thread Border Router – Serial Number

Please enter the serial number from your Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips Smarter Kit test device (and any other Essentials devices you may already own that you want to use during this test). Check the Firmware Updates section of the Nanoleaf app within a few hours of submitting this form and you should see the update available.

To find your serial number:

  1. Pair the Essentials device with the Nanoleaf App (if not already done)
  2. Open the Nanoleaf App on your phone or tablet
  3. Tap into the Dashboard screen
  4. Tap the Lightstrips to enter its control screen
  5. Tap the settings icon at the top right corner
  6. Scroll to ‘About’ at the bottom of the screen
  7. Look for ‘Serial Number’ (it starts with “N2”)

  • Essentials Serial Numbers

    We'll need to provide an update for your Essentials devices to ensure they work with our Thread border router. Please input the serial number for the lightstrip you received as well as any other Essentials devices you plan on testing with.
  • The email address you signed up with for the test =)
  • List the serial numbers below (press the plus button if adding serial numbers for more than one device). The serial number for the Essentials device can be found by pairing it with the app, going to the Dashboard, tapping on the device card, and then tapping on the settings button in the top right.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.